About Us

Introduction of SBB

At SBB we dare to be different!!! We are all about simplicity in elegance where inner beauty is emerged through the manifestation of our unique, quality, luxurious yet affordable products giving the effective results of a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. This is the transitioning of inner beauty outwardly that SBB unfolds.


SBB encourages every unique being to embrace the beauty within themselves and to allow us to journey with them through their beauty transitioning phase. We are devoted and committed in building trust with our clients and having a one and one rapport to better serve their needs. We value our integrity and henceforth we deliver only the best of the best in product quality, uniqueness, luxury appearance and affordability. In so doing we earn our client’s loyalty.

Our Aim

At SBB our aim is to always exceed the expectations of our clients through our dedication and commitment to manifest inward beauty outwardly. We achieve this desirous goal by taking beauty to its highest level through our superb quality products and services with exceptional competitive prices.


Offering the ultimate customer service

At SBB our clients are extremely valued and appreciated. We fully understand the value of building a genuine relationship and in so doing reaping the rewards of their loyalty. We grasp the concept that we are dependent on our clients and they are the reason SBB was birthed.