Most Frequent Questions and Answers

We specialize in 100% cruelty free real mink lashes

We use black bands

No. When SBB lashes are applied with proper adhesive and gentle care and removed in a correct, safe and gentle manner, there is no harm done to your lashes. It’s a win win situation for both your natural lashes and your mink lashes.

Do not expose eyelash extensions to water for 24 to 48 hours. Yes, we know this seems a bit excessive but even the best eyelash glue must have time to properly set.

Absolutely… SBB mink lashes are 100% real cruelty free mink hair that has been gently harvested, arranged and sanitized.

SBB mink lashes can be used 15 to 20 times in a proper and gentle caring way.

Our lashes are 100% handmade.

At your heart’s content. Just ensure that whether you choose the tweezers or the use of your fingers you are super comfortable and you have the proper control to execute your mission with the aim of achieving the best and most desirable results.

SBB mink strip comes in only one standard size. This is perfect and ideal for you as it allows you to custom trim them to fit your beautiful eyes.

  • We value our integrity hence we deliver only the best
  • We value you, our customer so we ensure we harvest the highest quality mink hair through non cruelty process and we spend quality time in ensuring that our handcraft lashes are perfect and properly sorted, arranged and sanitized as you only deserve the best and the best is what we deliver.
  • Our lashes compliment all eye shapes as you can custom trim them to match your beautifully shaped eyes.
  • SBB brings you luxurious, luminating, long lasting lashes that will manifest your own beauty in projecting the simplicity in elegance making one’s gaze to be fixed upon you.